From the amazing 1960’s television show, The Prisoner.

So, I came across this game. It’s called Samorost and it is the first creation of a very small creative team from the Czech Republic called Amanita Design.

I have one word of advice to anyone who happens to come across this post – play the game. Whether you normally play games or not makes little difference, my partner who has only played tetris in the past, had a blast. So will you.

No need for any specialised software either, just click the link and play away.


Brought to you by: Alcohol, American tourists in Europe, frustration, dualist perspectives, and unjustified generalizations.

If you are an American male or female citizen reading this post, I would like you to reach down into your pants and touch your proverbial balls. Do you feel something? Good. Now stop being such god damn pussies (so to speak). I’m tired of hearing all the Americans in Europe bitching about how the US sucks, how president Bush is an idiot, and how everything in America is going downhill. No shit! It’s wonderful you came to this profound realization seven years too late. And to clarify, the current conditions we are dealing with aren’t a result of the Bush presidency, but the general decline of society in the US over the past few decades. Of course, that would require some actual insight by some of you, which at times seems too much to ask for. But I’m going off on a tangent.

I write to tell you that there’s hope. This isn’t the manufactured, rhetorical hope that Obama is spouting nor is it the blind and wishful hope that other institutions have been peddling for centuries. I’m talking about jumping off the “America sucks” band wagon, thinking progressively, and actually doing something. Criticizing the United States at this point in time is like being critical and concerned with Britney Spears. Everyone knows something needs to change, so get off your asses and do something about it. Do something in whatever area interests you, whether it is law, movies, acting, dancing, cooking, just do something in your own little way. Stop counting on someone else, grab your nuts, and act.

As the Zen demon once said:
Now! Now! Now! Now! Now! Now! Now! Now! Now!

“I was at the Kerry speech today, sitting 2 rows away from all the action. I’ll let you know how it really went down.

The forum was going to be over at 2 pm, and Kerry spoke for so long that the Q and A portion had to be shortened. He only got through about 7 of the 50 people who were waiting to ask questions. While the final question was being read, some douchebag ran down the aisle, grabbed the mic from the other side of the room, interrupted the kid who was talking, and started yelling at Kerry, demanding that his questions be heard. He started ranting about how Kerry talks in circles or something, and everyone was getting annoyed. The cops are all over him in no time and try to escort him out, but he starts yelling and resisting. Kerry insists that they let him stay and even agrees to answer his question.

After the interrupted guy’s question was answered, Kerry keeps his promise and lets the angry guy talk. This is the point where people started taking their cameras and phones out. All the videos floating around youtube start around here. You can see in the videos that his questioning gets kind of inappropriate, so somebody cut his mic. Instead of shutting up, he starts yelling and making an even bigger scene. He struggled all the way up the aisle, and started violently trying to free himself. They threatened to taze him and he wouldnt stop fighting, so he got tazed. They only had to arrest him because he was causing a disruption and wouldn’t leave peacefully. He wasn’t being silenced for asking tough questions, trust me.

It’s a shame that they had to taze the guy, but he had a chance to calm down and didn’t take it. He probably didn’t pose a physical threat to anybody in the room, but someone can’t just hijack the floor of a forum like that and expect not to get kicked out. This wasn’t some poor guy who was brutalized for trying to ask some tough questions. He’s just an obnoxious guy who had a fit when there wasn’t time for his questions and refused to be calm even when he was given the chance to speak. He was looking for trouble, and everyone applauded when he was forced to leave.”


The source of this eyewitness account can be found here. I apologize for not posting this link earlier, I was unaware of its origin.

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UPDATE: If you are really interested in this case I encourage you to read this interview with Andrew Meyer. It seems that a lot of the points argued in the discussion have been misconstrued or blatantly false.

Breaking News!

Today, a student (identified as Andrew Meyer) asked a few questions of John Kerry during his visit to Gainesville but the cops didn’t like his demeanor. According to witnesses the student entered the room with several cops in tow. Andrew Meyer asked questions pertaining to Kerry’s failure to contest the presidential election results of 2004, the call to impeach president Bush, and Kerry’s membership in the secret society known as Skull and Bones. He was clearly accusatory and emotional in his speech but one must ask whether he deserved what came next.

AFTER six police officers held the student to the ground, they proceeded to taser him amongst his screams for help.

His cries can be clearly heard in the video below:

“What have I done? What I have I done? Get away from me. Get off of me! What did I do? Help me! Help. Please, don’t taser me!”

Andrew Meyer’s screams are a frightening reminder of how times have changed. A college student armed with only a book and a few pointed questions can be threatened, forced to the ground, and tasered. Meyer has been charged with disrupting a public event and placed in the Alachua County Jail. An investigation will examine whether the police were justified in using such force.

The student’s biggest mistake was not allowing himself to get arrested/escorted out after his diatribe. Although the question remains. For doing what?

A much higher quality video is available here.


NBC6 News is reporting: “After a scuffle on the ground, Meyer was tasered and handcuffed“. Please, watch the video above and see the extent of Andrew Meyer’s resistance before being tasered.

Read an eyewitness account of the taser incident.

And happy Constitution Day to all!

UPDATE: I have decided to close comments due to the inordinate number of pointless and hateful messages this post has brought. The traffic accompanying this post does little to enhance the discussion or the overall quality of this site.

Kurt VonnegutKurt Vonnegut, one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century, has passed away. So it goes. Vonnegut wrote 14 novels.

My first Vonnegut book was Mother Night which I received from a teacher in high school. The predicament of the main character hit close to home, being required to act as a patriot for two countries while not really caring for either.

Kurt Vonnegut:

In 1944 he was shipped to Europe with the 106th Infantry Division and shortly saw combat in the Battle of the Bulge. With his unit nearly destroyed, he wandered behind enemy lines for several days until he was captured and sent to a prisoner of war camp near Dresden, the architectural jewel of Germany.
Assigned by his captors to make vitamin supplements, he was working with other prisoners in an underground meat locker when British and American war planes started carpet bombing the city, creating a firestorm above him. The work detail saved his life.
Afterward, he and his fellow prisoners were assigned to remove the dead.

Vonnegut was a humanist; he served as Honorary President of the American Humanist Association, having replaced Isaac Asimov in what Vonnegut called “that totally functionless capacity”.

With his columns for In These Times, he began a blistering attack on the administration of President George W. Bush and the Iraq war. “By saying that our leaders are power-drunk chimpanzees, am I in danger of wrecking the morale of our soldiers fighting and dying in the Middle East?” he wrote. “Their morale, like so many bodies, is already shot to pieces. They are being treated, as I never was, like toys a rich kid got for Christmas in December.”

Krysta Now

Krysta Now, I have yet to read a more prolific and exquisite piece than this. Spiritual Synergy. Haikus from the summer collection also available on her website Krysta Now.

Teen Horniness Is Not A Crime

Teen horniness is not a crime
Keep an open heart and an open mind
Cause these statistics do not lie
Just ask those nerds who shot up Columbine

They weren’t gettin’ laid
They weren’t getting’ laid

Teen horniness is a state of mind
Not a sin but a natural urge
You gotta purge
Gotta splurge
While you still can

Birth control
The morning after pill

It’s your stupid legislation
In an overcrowded nation
Now you acting crazy
Cause a zygote ain’t no baby

Copyright 2008
Krysta NRG Productions, LLC


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