Animam Recro is a joint project of two quite remarkable people: The Monochromatic Knight – a hero on a quest to better the world; and the Esoteric Sheik – a hero bent on confusing himself repeatedly. The less written about them the better – for what could ever give justice to these two great thinkers of the 23rd century?

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19 Responses to “About”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Monochromatic knight of king Arthur’s court.

    Being a hero in armor half divine and half human what do you say about injecting spirituality into politics?

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I don’t know about being a hero in armor half divine, but I’ll do my best to answer your question. It’s pretty hard to establish a definition of spirituality we can all agree upon. In psychology of religion you’ll that find many people use spirituality and religion interchangeably. What is the distinction between the two? It’s a debate we probably wouldn’t be able to conclude here.

    Many like to claim that spirituality is personal whereas religion is a mass phenomenon. Unfortunately, this isn’t entirely true. If the two aren’t so different than what can we learn from the past or even today? Certainly religion continues to play a large part of politics in many countries.

    What do religion and politics have going for them? The strengthening of social, cultural and moral cohesion. This is something that we’re moving away from in some ways (decline of religion) and coming closer to in others (Internet). I don’t think a value judgment can be placed on this, it’s just occurring.

    To answer your question. I wouldn’t see spirituality as something governed or managed by the state but rather an independent pursuit by individuals if they so choose. What good would it do? I would hope that it could provide individuals with a sense of wholeness, happiness, awareness, wisdom, and other such traits which should be found in citizens of a functioning democracy. Of course, this is very idealistic but it’s a type of development in humanity which spirituality could facilitate. However it’s no panacea and far from the only method for improvement- education, communication, and technology are but a few other examples.

    I have trouble imagining spirituality in a political context. However, Aldous Huxley provided us with some very interesting insights into the possible injection of spirituality and politics/society in his book ‘Island‘. Perhaps some answers can be found there.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Sir Knight,

    I don’t know anything about Free Masons, but I’ve heard they built the Gothic structures in Europe and maybe go as far back as pre-sand Egypt. And maybe they re-form themselves century after century. I dont know.

    But, the Declaration of Independence writtten for the new America was written by a supposed/maybe Free Mason Thomas Jefferson and the draft was edited by Benjamin Frankin a documented Mason.

    I think Free Mason are into spirituality or higher consciousness of some kind. At least the ones that formed the American Republic.

    From reading about Abraham Lincoln and Walt Whitman who wrote about Lincoln they both were highly evolved humans.

    I think religion and spiriuality can be wedded and also kept separate(somehow).

    That’s what I think I meant about injecting spirituality into politics. Sorry for the spelling but like Gandhi.

  4. The Freemasons are an interesting group. Many of the societies members are well intentioned individuals who seek to improve the world. Some of the higher positions within the group are shrouded with mystery, attracting plentiful theories regarding their supposed origin, power, and influence.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I heard that on this presidental cycle the candidates from both parties will need to spend into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Our Republic is being bought hook. line and sinker.

    The saving of our world from pending doom will come not through the complacent adjustment of conforming majority, but through the creative maladjustment of a nonconforming minority”.
    Martin Luther King

    We cannot not sit back and believe we will not be affected by this bought out state of affairs.
    It’s all about money andthe people’s attitude about it.

  6. arthur Says:

    This is my opinion of our current state of affairs: One world government/religion. Since year one the Christian faith has taken it upon itself to preach the word unto all the world.
    Since the founding of America forces have appeared to bring democracy to all the world.
    By force of arms if necessary. It’s a human need for the dominant to “teach” the passive.

    Lao Tzu is the Jesus the Christ of the East and he said this.

    “When a country obtains great power (Israel, Greece, Rome, England, the United States to name a few)
    It becomes like the sea;
    all streams run downward into it.
    The more powerful it grows,
    the greater the need for humility.
    Humility means trusting the Tao, (the way, path,
    esoteric Christianity)
    thus never needing to be defensive.

    A great nation (America) is like a great man( George Bush):
    When he makes a mistake, he realizes it.
    Having realizes it, he admits it.
    Having admitted it, he corrects it.
    He considers those who point out his faults
    as his most benevolent teachers.
    He thinks of his enemy
    as the shadow that he himself casts.

    If a nation is centered in the Tao,
    if it nourishes its own people
    and doesnt meddle in the affairs of others,

    The reverse side of the Great Seal of America is its true DESTINY.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    We need a third political party centered in the moderate “GOLDEN MEAN”. The bottom line of esoteric truth is COMMON SENSE.

  8. Just to elaborate on what you have written:

    Even though a lot of harm has been done in the name of Christianity, I would be hesitant to throw out the baby with the bath water. You yourself mention that esoteric Christianity is a path towards humility. True, one of the religion’s primary goals is to have a global following, but this is hardly unique to Christianity. Universality is an expected quality of an unequivocal truth.

    Even though I share your disdain about American politics and by extension global politics, I would be careful about such statement as “Since the founding of America forces have appeared to bring democracy to all the world.” During the formation of the United States it was concerned primarily with itself and in the beginning of the 20th century it did go through a period of isolationism.

    You’re right, as we have seen, the United States government will even use force to get what it desires. More often the United States uses more covert techniques to gain a foothold around the world, some examples are economic sanctions, “investments” by enormous corporations, and plans to “aid developing countries”. (See ‘Confessions of an Economic Hit Man‘)

    I like the quote by Lao Tzu but I think there might be some confusion about what you’ve inserted into parenthesis. Neither America or George Bush currently uphold the qualities expressed in the quote. America has trouble nourishing its own people (see Katrina) and few countries meddle more in the affairs of others (citizens domestically and countries internationally).

    George W. Bush’s biggest problem is that he doesn’t realize the mistakes he makes, never admits to them, and never corrects them. Perhaps there is no better example in recent history of an individual who is more fearful of his own shadow (see Jung). This administration externalized its shadow (the Axis of Evil) and in the process became a member. It’s a horrible shame that this process occurs on all levels, including within the majority of American citizens. We are our own worst enemy.

    You say “The reverse side of the Great Seal of America is its true DESTINY.” I’m interested in what you mean by this.

  9. arthur Says:

    It was a negative what I wrote about SINCE THE FOUNDING OF AMERICA….My mind was thinking about some among us who believe in some NEW WORLD CONSPIRACY about a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and RELIGION. And I tumbled at the attempt.

    I believe what John Perkins wrote about “The Prophecy of the Condor and the Eagle” That this is what we were born for at this part of time.

    I would just like to add that in the writings of the founding fathers is a lot of mystic/esoteric
    knowledge. In fact some talk about America being guided by mystical forces.

    Esoteric christianity follows the inner meaning of what the Christ meant. Exoteric Christianity follows the external meaning of what the Christ said.

    In the Aramaic language of Jesus the Christ Heaven meant a psychological state (esoteric) whereas in (exoteric) Christianity it means an actual place.

    The reverse side of the Great Seal with the eye
    surrounded by Glory is the Condor flying with the Eagle.

  10. arthur Says:

    It would seem that some enlightened humans would view feedom of speech as an inherent right of humanity. Freedom to protest, freedom to choose one’s path of existence, freedom to follow the gods of truth. That’s spirituality in politics.

  11. arthur Says:

    A comment about the Republican party of America.
    In my opinion they have a CULT mentality because they do not allow public dissent among their members. And, should one of their leaders commit an illegal act or an immoral act they will not publically show disfavor. They are expected to follow formatory thought. Not yes and no, but yes or no. My way or the highway.
    America love it or leave it. Cultish to the nines!

  12. arthur Says:

    I use to be in a group called the Fellowship of Friends. Their main camp was in California but they had outposts here and there. On one occasion a group from one outpost visited another outpost in New Orleans. While there in a casual conversation I was asked about my college ring (it was later hocked in Reno, Neveda) and what kind of degree it represented.
    I said political Science. They responded that their leader was not interested in politics.
    Subsequently, over time, that attitude was found not to be true. He is up to his neck in politics of the worse kind.

    So, I am appealing to whomever is reading this to contribute thoughts of a political nature.
    Life on the planet is becoming more and more insane. Change has to come not from the elected leaders but from us bubbling from the bottom.

    Please help!

  13. arthur Says:

    Is anyone out there? Or, in there? The United States of America is the only country with a two sided Great Seal. The reverse side is a symbol of the spiritual destiny of America.

    The All-Seeing Eye over the incomplete pyramid symbolizes our need to use our material wealth with spiritual vision.

    The Latin phrases: Annuit Coeptus { God favors our undertakings} Novus Ordo Seclorum {The New Order of the Ages”} Which reflects America’s esoteric teachings “I Light the Way” . It is not the Republican or Democrat philosophy of life leading America vertically into a New Way of Being.

  14. Janet Marchant Says:

    Is anyone following this discussion at the moment?

    Hi Arthur, drinker of beer on curbs. (One of my favorite indulgences. So much better for the soul than…what? a concert? But for me it’s gin, not beer.)

    Well, I share your interest in Free Masonry, in America’s “destiny” and spiritual founding/role in histoy, and FOF (member 1977-1996), and of course in curbside drinking.

    Kipling’s the Man Who Would be King (set in northern Afghanistan) is most interesting on the Free Masonry topic; I was in Afghanistan in the early ’70s and saw some of the places where the Greeks had come that far east; also sculpture combing Greek and Indian stylistic components. Very strange and compelling for me at the time (and still).

    I think that America has to intervene, and deploy force in some situations of tyranny. I was in Iraq in 1970 (just hitchhiking, buses, etc.) trying to get from Asia to the Mediterranean, and it was a bleak and scary place then. There were human heads of stakes on a bridge. Everything was grey and dusty and it was a scene of despair.

    I’ve also been in a number of countries where there were tyrants (or communist leftovers) and consequent great suffering, such as Laos, Cambodia, Nigeria, Sudan, Paraguay. People were not safe; there was untrammeled corruption and abuse of power.

    Growing up in Canada (pause for vomiting)I followed the usual condemnation of American power among my peer group, but after traveling and seeing the corruption, etc. I gradually became quite hard-ass about politics, and saw the need for the use of force.

    Recently gave up on the Weekly Standard — so-called NeoCom mouthpiece, but still read parts of the National Review (not unreservedly, but the writing is very good; it’s just who really cares about the Republicans or not).

    Anyway, just to indicate my interest areas, and to see if this discussion is still alive. Look forward to seeing some posts.– Janet

  15. Janet Marchant Says:

    I mean neocon, not neocom. J

    Who is Cake? Eddie Izzard, Lizard cake. I hope he’s not Scottish. He also like curbside drinking. (All of this is from the FOF dicussion, of course.) J

  16. arthur Says:

    Janet Marchant this is my third attempt to respond to you. The other two just disappeared when (who really knows)?

    I just wanted to let you know that I forgot about

    I remember the names Cake and Izzard from the FOF discussion, but I’ll have to re-read. I thought Cake was woman.

    The closes I’ve been to Afghanistan is the photograph on the cover of Gurdjieff’s book, “Meetings with Remarkable Men”.

    My driveway is actually small river rock enveloped by trees. I live in a shack across from a busy mom and pop grocery store. I’ve lived here 18 years and know some people.

    I don’t know why but over the years various kinds of people have stopped and visited my “outdoor office” and remarkably have said the same thing. “it’s comfortable over here”
    I’ve never spoken about FOF or Gurdjieff. So, it must all be “instinctive utterances”

    I’m looking forward to 2012 when the Condor and Eagle Unite (see post 8, Confessions of an Economic Hitman). Robert Burton predicted a hard night in 2012. I predict the opposite.

    I drink dark German beer, but cheers to you anyway.

    Oh, I joined FOF in 1977 and was kicked out in 1979.

    Me? Eclectic Moderate Independent. Didnt vote for either Bush nor Clinton either time.

  17. Janet Marchant Says:

    Hello Arthur,

    Regarding Cake or Izzard, Eddie Izzard is a very funny cross-dressing UK comedian. One routine of his that I think Cake Please is referring to was something like:

    Being offered the alternatives of being thrown down a well (or shot, I don’t remember)or a piece of cake, Izzard always said “Cake, please.” Now I think about it, that might have been Monty Python. Anyway, someone on the FOF discussion mentioned Izzard in relation to “Cake Please.”

    Dear Sheik or animam recro, I am posting this from my office email, but I have submitted with my home email as before. Hope that works.

    So, Arthur, kicked out? good for you. hope you did something really awful.

    I will check out the Eagle/condor thing when I have more time.

    Re curbside drinking: I was imagining some rundown urban setting where people are kind of stepping around you looking down judgmentally. No matter, your version sounds quite refined, trees and all. The main thing is to have people look at you judgmentally as you are drinking beer and they are NOT. So liberating.

    Anyway, I’m at work, so mustn’t tarry long. I’ll reply from home some time soon. Janet
    BTW – I am finding the FOF discussion too time-consuming and too huge to navigate. I think I’m “over” most of the topics. I did attend the Party on saturday which was reasonably fun, but got a bit drunk.

    I don’t know if “About” will be the right venue for me; what was the original purpose of “About” in your view? Just about religion and politics? Is it a blog for libertarians??- J

  18. arthur Says:

    I live on what the city calls a collector street.
    It’s not really a typical neighborhood.

    I have a friend in San Diego who comes by on the way to business. She tells me she shares stories about the “characters’ that live in my “hood”.

    For example, one day a neighbor came by looking for her boyfriend who was around back. When she went around back I asked my friend, “what do you think”? Her response? “Alpha female”.

    I only have one next door neighbor (a rental house). The male clerk at the store says the “mojo” at this house is bad. It’s a regular cop stop.

    Basically all my friends are low alchemy. We don’t judge each other. In fact I’ve told most, “I’m not an eyewitness to nothing”.

    Around 1970 I knew a filthy rich 30 something (who still hasnt work a day in his life) that was reading Gurdjieff. I knew this character from an eventual failed marriage. And, he was a zealot. I thought he was crazy. And actually he was at the time (electric shock treatments) arent given to the regulars (I dont think).

    Finally, I started reading Gurdjieff and eventually I too became a zealot. The difference between us was the notion of needing a school or group. Our knowledge of the system wasn’t orderly.

    So, I went looking for such a school or group. I found the Fellowship of Friends. Sometime mid-1977. I then followed them to California.

    Arriving in San Francisco late in teaching payments, no money and no hope of a job, I was in a bind. I was enthralled by the circus atmosphere of downtown (powell& market). That’s where it all started.

    I was living in an apartment(on thin ice) with several others. One of which was married and had a boyfriend. I think the ‘higher minds’ of FOF separated them for obvious reasons.

    One fine California day the other female who joined the (cult) where I did asked if wanted to go with them shopping at Union Sq. I did.

    The married one confessed later that on the bus she recognized me as a human dildo only in not those words.

    Nothing ever happened except heavy petting while drunk. I cannot mix drunk, heavy petting and a female. I’m way too weak. A student in the apartment disturbed our coupling.

    The next weekend Girard Haven kicked me out. He did leave the door open for a $2,500 fine and with the task of not borrowing or stealing the money.

    That’s pretty much it except for minor details, I harmed no one. But, I did think I left a real school.

    From that day forward I took every opportunity to sit or stand and have a nice cold beer.

    If you have a chance go to the Unity 08 website.
    It’s about politics. I am a delegate. I just havent decided who I like for President.


  19. Janet Marchant Says:

    To Arthur,
    Well, good thing you had the sense not to pay the fine. It would have been just throwing good money after bad.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I am all blogged out. This was my first venture into the medium (“About” and the FOF blog), and I don’t have the stamina.

    But I wanted to extend my appreciation to you for your posts, and for replying to mine. (And I will check out the Unity ’08 and Eagle and Condor. That is, I intend to, but the Road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Knowing that I’m not all that reliable, who knows…)
    If you ever find yourself in beautiful downtown Dobbins (6 miles from Oregon House), look me up in the book–or you can Google me (title manager, California Exceptional People Services) and drop in for a refreshment. Apologies for being such a wimp blogger. Cheers and a cold one to you. – Janet
    PS – the best thing (for me) that came out of the blog was to start re-reading the non-dualists (Advaita Vedanta folks, like Nisargadatta). – J

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