My primary e-mail account is on a Czech search engine, every day I log in I have the opportunity to have a look at major headlines from the Czech Republic. I remember that just a year ago it made me incredibly happy that Czech journalists chose to write about happy and uplifting themes, positive changes, as well as slightly weird stories about animals and pets (Czechs are a very cute nation). These days all I see are news pieces on murders, rapes, and deaths, all of which are depicted with utmost detail.

Now, why is that? Has the small nation of Czech Republic changed so much over a year? Or is it more likely that Czech journalists have learnt the lesson from their Western counterparts and now choose to cover such news that provide the biggest shock and intensity of interest?

I know which one sounds more likely to me. You see, it’s not that we live in a world that’s more fucked up than ever before, that’s simply not true, but we live in a world where a lot of things happen – it’s a big world and there are a lot of people. And this negative filter that we are being shown by the ‘news’ makers is simply that, a filter. It’s not the reality, no, it’s just one angle.

And sure, you have the choice to adopt any filter you choose, not necessarily the one that you are constantly bombarded with. But the next time that you feel an urge to jump before a train, punch someone in the face, the next time that you feel scared or aggressive, ask yourself why and where from. It’s not wrong to feel that way, it’s completely natural, yet not necessarily coming from you.

Do we even need a conclusion to this rant? Perhaps, let us all sit before the fire and pray together for a world where journalists choose to write about puppies being saved, about people who survive a multiple stabbing, rather than die from one, about journalists who write about wonderful births, rather than terrible deaths, about a world that seems less bleak to the ones who do not see beyond that which is presented to them.