A friend of mine went to the Scientology protest in Clearwater today. Not many people know, but this is where the founder of the “church” L. Ron. Hubbard landed after he led a group of people around the world in search of a treasure that only he knew the location of. Clearwater has become their headquarters.

According to my friend, the majority of the people passing by were in full support of the protesters. Many people seem to be clued in to the destructive aspects of the “religion”. He also told me that he had the pleasure to speak to two individuals, each of which ascribe to a belief systems that could not be farther apart. One was a practicing chaos magician, a man with an impressive amount of knowledge pertaining to the subject. The other was an older Christian evangelist woman. At first my friend was a little hesitant, but she turned out to be very pleasant and agreed that no one should force a religion onto anyone else, not her or the scientologists.

The question is: What’s next?