wpf_large.jpgHere’s an article about the Rising Researches panel to be presented at the Basel World Psychedelic Forum in March 2008. The focus is on the resurgence of psychedelic research occurring around the world and the new crop of academic researchers their work. Included is an interview with Tom Roberts who has taught the ‘Foundations of Psychedelic Studies’ course at Northern Illinois University for 25 years.

Can you describe the Rising Researchers as a group? What is the range of topics and disciplines that they cover?

Whooo-eee! They are all over the map. There are 26 accepted proposals, though some have more than one author. In this list I am considering only the first authors – 21 males. There’s a cluster of five Ayahuasca studies; two or more on biological-medical, salvia, drug policy, biology-pharmacology, end-of-life psychotherapy, addiction and misuse, and clinical uses; along with a scattering of other topics from language to law. The research spans many countries, including Canada; the United States; Mexico; Brazil; England; Czech Republic; Finland; and Spain.

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