South Park

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park have outdone themselves again. They continue to succeed in mixing vulgarities, grusome dismemberments, and dick jokes with enlightening and potentially perspective changing entertainment. The currently running Trilogy combines Cartman’s epic quest to get Kyle to suck his balls and the US government’s defense of Imaginationland.

Aside from seeing some of wonderful characters from all forms of media, games (Mario), anime, comics (Joker), movies (Luke Skywalker) and Imaginationland being literally chock full of Amanita Muscaria mushrooms, what made me really love this trilogy is the following line, which is repeated several times throughout:

“Do you realize what’s going on here? Terrorists have attacked our imagination and now our imaginations are running wild.”

It reminds me of one The Sheik’s ealier posts: Fear, Panic, and Terror. Same shit, different day.

Imagination land: Episode I
Imagination land: Episode II
Imagination land: Episode III

Hopefully AnimamRecro won’t be shut down and I carted off to jail for posting these.