jfk.jpgLike many posts presented on this blog we advise you to take this information with a degree of skepticism. However, if Howard Hunt’s allegations are true then this truly is some piece of news.

‘As the explosive revelation of E. Howard Hunt’s deathbed confession, in which the former CIA agent and Watergate conspirator admits that he was part of a CIA conspiracy to assassinate JFK, continues to rage across the Internet, the establishment media remains almost mute on what is undoubtedly one of the biggest stories of the decade.’

From Wikipedia:

The April 5, 2007 issue of Rolling Stone contained an extensive article on Hunt, based in large part on an interview with his eldest son St. John. It describes Hunt’s alleged deathbed confessions of his supposed knowledge and indirect complicity in the JFK assassination.[12] Among other things, the article claims that Hunt, in hand-written notes and a voice recording to St. John, implicated Lyndon B. Johnson, and CIA operator Cord Meyer as the key players in the JFK assassination conspiracy. According to Hunt’s son, Hunt claimed the other assassin was a French gunman on the grassy knoll, often identified in other assassination theories as Lucien Sarti.

Listen to a part of and read a transcript of his taped confession here.