Krysta Now

Krysta Now, I have yet to read a more prolific and exquisite piece than this. Spiritual Synergy. Haikus from the summer collection also available on her website Krysta Now.

Teen Horniness Is Not A Crime

Teen horniness is not a crime
Keep an open heart and an open mind
Cause these statistics do not lie
Just ask those nerds who shot up Columbine

They weren’t gettin’ laid
They weren’t getting’ laid

Teen horniness is a state of mind
Not a sin but a natural urge
You gotta purge
Gotta splurge
While you still can

Birth control
The morning after pill

It’s your stupid legislation
In an overcrowded nation
Now you acting crazy
Cause a zygote ain’t no baby

Copyright 2008
Krysta NRG Productions, LLC