We’re living in an age where information flows quicker than we can keep up with. And keeping up with information is the name of the game. Today I’ve discovered a tool which would be squandered if I kept it to myself and not shared with the rest of world (or the several hundred visitors of this blog).

Netvibes– is a fully customizable personal home page.

All I need to do is open my browser and I see the local weather, news, notes to myself, and a to do list. Then I click on my ‘RSS Feeds’ tab and before me lie the latest updates to my 10 favorite blogs. Next I click on my ‘Search’ Tab and I can search virtually all blogs online through Technorati, Sphere, IceRocket, and Bloglines. I can find any video hosted on Google, YouTube, Dailymotion, or WAT.tv. The same thing goes for images and locations on Google Maps.

So what? Well, instead of going through my bookmarks and clicking on every page to see if there’s an update, all I have to do is visit Netvibes and it’s all in front of me on a single page. This translates into more time for other activities such as walks in the park. Plus, you can access your customized homepage from any computer that’s online.

My description of Netvibes interface is only how I’ve chosen to layout my homepage. Since the site is completely customizable you can choose any form of organization you want. If this wasn’t enough, Netvibes is somewhat open-sourced so new modules, widgets, and gadgets are being added daily.

And as always, there’s so much more to discover…

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