For quite some time now, I have had very little time to spend on the blog. The material realm and human drama have been taking so much of my time that I almost forgot anything else existed. Yet, I am always willing to learn from my situation and use the knowledge thus gained to further my understanding of life as a whole.

I am lucky enough to be young. I am also lucky enough to be older in my thoughts than other people of my age (how cocky am I?). I do not feel the pressure to live my life to the full as some others do, neither do I feel the pressure to enjoy myself now because I won’t have the time later. I enjoy myself in every now that I go through and that satisfies me. I am aware that it is impossible to live your life to anything but the full, for I have not yet met anyone who lived less than others. Some people have corrupted themselves in one way or another, but it was the corruption that was decreasing the value of their life, their lives were just as full as anyone else’s.

If all our lives are the same and no time is wasted, what distinguishes one from another? Well, I guess it all depends on how we distribute our time. There are no worse or better things, but there is the quantity that you are able to meet. Some people manage more things in their lives and I plan to explain how exactly they go about it.

For thousands of years, humanity has searched for the elixir of life. I do not think that even the alchemists found anything else but what was hiding in the man himself. Maybe even they would agree with what I am about to write. Yes, there is a way to save time. There is a way to live longer. It doesn’t come in pill form, which is the way that the scientific thinking that rules our thoughts would suggest, but nevertheless, it does exist.

About a week ago a friend of mine was visiting London. We only spent a little time together, but one of the things we got to talk about was his obsession with online gaming. My friend was telling me about the excessive amounts of time he spends playing role playing games. In order to save himself the need to replay the games because of wrong decisions, he spends almost twice as long planning how he will distribute the skill points he receives on a level up, than he spends playing the game. In other words, he plans more than he plays but it saves him time overall.

Now, I have done a lot of things badly in my life, sometimes quite tremendously, but with time I improved. It was easy to identify the correlation between proficiency in a certain skill and the time that it took me to fulfil a task. Obviously, most people learn the skills they need as they practice them, they practice by doing. But isn’t it smarter to develop skills that will decrease the time spent on a task before you actually start doing it?

If you think about it, you want to plan your skills, just like in an RPG game. Let’s say that you write a lot, the logical preparation for your life would be to learn touch-typing. That will probably save you half the time you would have otherwise spent typing. In other words, learning to touch- type (which will take you about 30/40 hours) will save you around 3,000/4,000 hours. Let’s take this farther, how about people who want to find a job? Well, they should first build the relevant skills for the profession of choice, then they should prepare an adequate proof for the possession of those skills and then the dream job will fall in their lap. Preparation. You can either look for a bad job for two months and not receive it, or you can prepare for a month and receive a better one than you ever dreamed of. Let’s move even farther. This blog is primarily about the issues associated with human consciousness. Both me and the Knight like to think of ourselves as explorers and seekers of individual truth. I learnt the hard way that there are certain prerequisites that one should take before taking the path of self-exploration. Determination, willingness to fight own fear, openness and honesty, skepticism and the strongest will attainable – all of those are the necessary qualities that any explorer of consciousness or the human potential must necessarilly possess. Otherwise it’s painful and dangerous.

Consequently, preparation is not only a way to reduce the time spent on any one thing, it is not only a way to live longer, but it is also a necessity in order to do it safely and properly.

I will agree with your doubts, there are some things that you can not prepare for. And once you adopt this view, life does become a case of priorities, seemingly conflicting, in actual fact complimentary. Life becomes a decision between the long-term benefits and short-term ‘needs’. And at the end of the day, one revelation stays the same. The one thing that no one will ever steal from you are the skills and abilities that you learn.

To me, this is a simple lesson. If some people are willing to spend hours planning how they will play a game, I believe that it is time for us to spend a couple of days planning how we will play our lives.