The Klaxons, a band from London have been kicking up a storm. Their first album titled ‘Myths of the Near Future’, released on January 29th 2007 has been getting a lot of attention. Their songs have already been remixed by such names as Metronomy and Simian Mobile Disco. Several labels have been created to box in the Klaxons including “acid-rave sci-fi punk-funk” and “New Rave”. We’ll have to see if their rave culture influenced art rock will revive the rave scene, as some predict and many fans pray. But one thing is certain, their heavily occult influenced lyrics are sure to contribute to the popularity of these ideas. The Klaxons make references to William Burroughs (Atlantis To Interzone), Aliester Crowley (Magick), Thomas Pynchon (4 Horsemen of 2012 and Gravity’s Rainbow).

Pitchfork Media tells us: “Also: Ignore the allusions. The literary stuff– i.e. the overt refs to Burroughs, Pynchon, Pinchbeck, and the occult– are just fun feints, fluorescent red herrings, Wikipediments that the lyrics avoid remitting.”

But may Animam Recro dare recommend to “Do what thou wilt“.

Update: Read more about occult and the Klaxons at Alterati