Hello to you, fellow explorers of human consciousness, seekers of truth in the human potential, fools and heroes alike. I have been sleeping for a very long time – embroiled in human drama, my obsessions, lowly pleasures (of which I never receive enough) and most of all the pressing need to earn some money in order to survive in London (it was getting too cold for my garbage container lodgings under Tower Bridge where I normally reside during summer). Following five months of failure and success, I emerge the same old sheik of literal nonsense, none the wiser for it.

Now, I have very little to report – very little that would be of interest, and even less that I would be willing to share. Most that I have to hide is riddled with dishonesty and shame, most that I would share is tainted by arrogance – which I fail to subdue on a monthly basis. C’est la vie. That’s life – you battle on.

I have come up with some new material for Tempus Trinus and the Squirrel Hunting Society blogs – it will all be posted shortly, I promise more than a marginal increase in overall humour and jokiness. As to Animam Recro, I may post some psychological thoughts that I have had over the months, maybe a post about christmas advertising – a phenomenon that deserves closer scrutiny than most admit. Maybe some book reviews, who knows.

So stay tuned and thank the Monochromatic Knight and his 10 fingers of magical creation for keeping this blog alive, well and interesting.