What do you get when you mix a government encrouching on civil liberties, biblical tales, psychoactive blue bubbly liquid, psychology, technology, media hacking, and more?

Douglas Rushkoff’s Testament! And the first issue is free online.

Rushkoff sets two story lines going here. In one, the draft has been reinstated in a near-future U.S., and potential draftees are implanted with chips that make their whereabouts traceable and allow the government to compel compliance. The other consists of three episodes in the story of Abraham: the near-sacrifice of Isaac, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the battle that Abraham leads to free his nephew, Lot (in Genesis, however, the battle precedes Sodom and Gomorrah). The two plots develop in tandem, with characters in one corresponding to those in the other, and the cosmic conflict between Jehovah and the combined forces of Astarte and Moloch framing both. The Isaac counterpart, grown to hunky young manhood, stars in the modern story, thereby allowing several steamy encounters with the young female characters. Well composed and drawn by Sharp, and gorgeously full colored, the whole thing is like nothing so much as Cecil B. DeMille’s first Ten Commandments (1923), with its sin, skin, liminal piety, and double plot.

-Ray Olson

 “Rushkoff and Sharp unveil the new voice of dissent. Make no mistake, the Greatest Story Ever Told continues right here!”

-Grant Morrison

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