Once again, a favourite of mine.

So, I don’t think that I’ll be posting many more since there aren’t that many routines available on youtube but I will give a couple of pointers to those who wish to find out more about Derren Brown, his shows, or his tricks.

For those of you using BitTorrent search for Trick of the Mind series 1 and 2. Series 3 to come soon. Also search for the tv specials – the Heist, the Gathering, the Messiah, the Russian Roulette and the Seance.

There is also a book coming out on the 23rd October, written by Derren Brown – it’s called Tricks of the Mind. How original.

There are 3 resources where you can find out how some of the Derren Brown effects were achieved – there is a 3 part video called the Devil’s Picturebook. To my knowledge the only tracker that has all three parts is Demonoid. There are also two books – Pure Effect (on particular tricks and style) and Absolute Magic (or some such – not sure about the name). they are available from specialist magic shops and – for the norty ones – the internet. These three sources only explain the card trickery and some basic psychological methods. Nevertheless they are amazing.

Enjoy and keep on looking.