The first article I ever posted on this blog was a report of my visit to the Fellowship of Friends in London. I still find this entry very meaningful and both the writing of the report and its consequences fill me full of joy to this day.

The reason is simple – Fellowship of Friends is a cult. It has destroyed people’s lives, taken their money, alienated people from their friends and family. All of this for the vague promise of spiritual fulfillment and the possibility of ‘awakening’, not to mention the terror technique of scaring people by informing them that the only after-life that exists is achievable through joining the cult. Read the report and see for yourself how it all went.

Now, since writing that report months ago I have had a lot of comments and discussions about it. I believe that by writing this report I have helped some people become less naive and watch their backs where no one else can do it for them. I have also been a target of a fair amount of verbal and digital attacks from the defenders of the Fellowship, which was interesting.

What I don’t understand is this: my article was 10th or 11th on google after searching for the Fellowship of Friends (hence a lot of people got to read it) but now it is nowhere to be found – I searched for a while but it was as if my article vanished from the google database. Luckily enough the first entry in google is still an anti-cult informative website and not the Fellowship website (as it has been before) – there is some fairness in the world. But what has happened to the animamrecro report? I offer sweets and soft hugs to anyone who can offer me an answer.