I have had enough of academic material, books on occultism, psychology and psychotherapy. I have had enough I said and walked into the closest book store. There was a long train trip in front of me and lots of social interaction where I was heading – I needed something light and amusing.

And so I picked the Yes Man, a book about a man who said yes to everything – whether it was a friend, a stranger, or an advert. Any kind of advert. He traveled to Holland after being asked by an e-mail scam, he ordered a penis-enlarging patch, he said yes to questionnaires, and opened dozens of new bank accounts. He also fell in love and learned more about himself.

Yes Man is a more light-hearted version of the Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart (a book that I would definitely reccommend to most readers). It is a book about doing uncomfortable things with the aim of seeing where it will take you and what changes it will put in effect. It is a book about leaving your comfort zone and seeing a little of what lies beyond. The author starts bored, single and unhappy with his life – and a stranger in a bus offers him a way out – he says: ‘say yes more often.’ What ensues is not entirely enlightening but it will definitely keep the reader intrigued, amused and giggling like a girl.

And the lesson that the book seeks to teach? Well, doing things that are uncomfortable may very well have a positive result. New things are good. Unless they are new credit cards.