October 2006

I thought it would never happen but I started a new blog. This one is going to deal with the more personal side of the Esoteric Sheik persona. I am not going to advertise it much – since there is very little to advertise and all the exciting stuff is on animamrecro anyway, but come and have a look if you wish. My confused mind can be an interesting place to explore.

Tempus Trinus.


Once again, a favourite of mine.

So, I don’t think that I’ll be posting many more since there aren’t that many routines available on youtube but I will give a couple of pointers to those who wish to find out more about Derren Brown, his shows, or his tricks.

For those of you using BitTorrent search for Trick of the Mind series 1 and 2. Series 3 to come soon. Also search for the tv specials – the Heist, the Gathering, the Messiah, the Russian Roulette and the Seance.

There is also a book coming out on the 23rd October, written by Derren Brown – it’s called Tricks of the Mind. How original.

There are 3 resources where you can find out how some of the Derren Brown effects were achieved – there is a 3 part video called the Devil’s Picturebook. To my knowledge the only tracker that has all three parts is Demonoid. There are also two books – Pure Effect (on particular tricks and style) and Absolute Magic (or some such – not sure about the name). they are available from specialist magic shops and – for the norty ones – the internet. These three sources only explain the card trickery and some basic psychological methods. Nevertheless they are amazing.

Enjoy and keep on looking.

I’m traveling, actively exploring some old memories embedded in the architecture of the University of Chicago. My friend has to do some work, so I decided to spend some time in one of the greatest libraries of the US. Originally, I searched for ‘The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross‘ which isn’t exactly easy to find. No such luck here but the library did carry ‘John Marco Allegro: The Maverick Of The Dead Sea Scrolls‘. This book, published in 2005 covers the life of John Allegro, his work, and the attacks directed at him from both academia and the religious community.

As the first British member of the Scrolls editing team, Allegro shared the excitement, the insights, and the eyestrain of deciphering these invaluable ancient fragments. He made it possible for the Copper Scroll to be opened in Manchester and did much to focus worldwide attention on the Scrolls as a whole. But he made his name — or gained his notoriety — from questioning orthodox assumptions about how Christianity began.

In John Allegro’s most controversial book, he proposes that Jesus was actually a code the Amanita Muscaria mushroom, and that Christianity stems from a sex and mushroom cult. ‘The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross’ was published in 1970, ‘Holy Blood and the Holy Grail’ and ‘Da Vinci Code’ eat your heart out. The book itself is a difficult read, many assumptions are made, and there is a sore lack of evidence. The validity of his claim is questionable, the strength in which he faced the Church and the empty attacks by some scholars, is not.

I thought John Marco Allegro used entheogens himself but I was very surprised to read the following:

 Asked if he had tried the mushroom, he told the reporter, “I wouldn’t be so bloody stupid. I wouldn’t touch it. Drug-taking is idiotic. Drinking is stupid. I am frightened of losing control of myself in any way. Drugs are like religion: with both you can convince yourself of things which may not be true. You suspend judgement. This leads to horrors, to war. Religion is divisive.”

I agree with John Allegro to a certain extent, but we are certainly very capable of suspending judgement and convincing ourselves of things which are not true, without drugs and religion.

 “What the Thinker thinks, the Prover proves.” -Robert Anton Wilson 

The squirrels are at it again. For more news on the current squirrel situation and the danger facing us all, look no farther than the Squirrel Hunting Society. My alter-ego has been hard at work finding new stories to tell and more jokes to share. It’s time that you had a look for yourself.

I would most definitely rate this video as my top5 Derren Brown moment.

The techniques used are taken from Neuro-Linguistic Programming and hypnotism. The way that Derren Brown catches Simon’s hand instead of shaking it is a hypnotic induction – the confusion from not having the expected hand-shake takes Simon somewhere where he can’t think clearly. Fast speech and pacing do not allow him a second to recuperate. Also watch out for the slight shoulder touches that Derren employs – this technique is called anchoring.

HYPERPEOPLE Visual Remix is a 40 minute video addressing trends in new media technology and how they are reshaping our relationships with friends and the world at large.

Visionary and digital guru Mark Pesce discusses the current fragmentation of world views and the emergence of an interconnected knowledge swarm. Social networking tools, such as BitTorrent, Wikipedia, iPod and Outfoxed (plugin for Firefox) are also discussed.

Visuals by San Francisco based artists, æeschatech, illustrate Pesce’s ideas using feedback and interference patterns. The oral and visual languages correlate for an enhanced understanding of Pesce’s ideas.

Don’t miss this incredible talk with a taste of things to come! There is a short bit with Terence McKenna in the begining.


Douglas Rushkoff debated in NYC with 2012 and Breaking Open the Head author Daniel Pinchbeck. DJ Lanphier of Spiral NYC was nice enough to record this debate and has upload three of the four files to Google Video. You would be a fool to miss this!

Part I Part II Part III Part IV

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