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Hugo Chavez made an address to the United Nations. He criticizes American imperialism, calls president Bush the devil, and advises all American citizens to read Chomsky’s ‘Hegemony or Survival: The Imperialist Strategy of the United States’.
A few days ago FOX News interviewed Bill Clinton and the “reporter” asked the wrong question. “Why didn’t you do more to put Bin Laden and Al Qaeda out of business when you were president?” And so what was meant to be a 15 minute interview takes 22 minutes with Clinton nailing it on all accounts. Now, I’m not a huge Clinton fan but at least someone is saying something.

First Part and Second Part of the Interview

It’s interesting to compare the media’s reaction to both stories. The same tactic was used, attacking the speakers as being “furious”, “combative”, “losing it” and “having a complete meltdown”. Unfortunately, the content of what they actually said was ignored or in the case of Hugo Chavez, edited out. Compare the video to the transcript of the speech and find out what Fox News doesn’t want you to hear.

A sample of what was edited out:

“As Chomsky says here, clearly and in depth, the American empire is doing all it can to consolidate its system of domination. And we cannot allow them to do that. We cannot allow world dictatorship to be consolidated. The world parent’s statement — cynical, hypocritical, full of this imperial hypocrisy from the need they have to control everything. They say they want to impose a democratic model. But that’s their democratic model. It’s the false democracy of elites, and, I would say, a very original democracy that’s imposed by weapons and bombs and firing weapons. What a strange democracy. Aristotle might not recognize it or others who are at the root of democracy. What type of democracy do you impose with marines and bombs?”

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show does have a valid point. You do lose credibility when you call someone the devil. It’s just a shame that most of the media cannot focus on anything but this aspect of his speech. Does anyone find it significant that such an address was even made at the United Nations?