Just a quick thought…

The 60s saw the organization of mass protests both in the US and abroad. Students stopped going to school and took to the streets. Forty years ago there was no Internet, no chat rooms, instant messangers, or online communities such as Facebook or Myspace. Today, the American government continues to be more audacious in its attempts to violate human right, violate civil rights, and promote hostile policies around the world. Would it be proposterous to say things are as bad if not worse as they were during the Vietnam War? Why, with access to such invaluable tools for communication and organization do we not do something?

Check this out:

Brody Ruckus, a student allegedly attending Georgia Tech, has made himself a celebrity virtually overnight by means of the popular college networking site, Facebook. Ruckus created a Facebook group that claimed if the group could have a membership of 100,000 or more, he would be able to partake in a threesome with his girlfriend and another girl of his choosing. Within days, the group had already surpassed 310,000 users.

Why cannot something similar work for the organization of a protest?


-Students are too lazy.
-There are too many variations in opinion about politics.
-Such attempts have been made, failed, and aren’t taken seriously.
-Please comment why you think this wouldn’t work!