I highly recommend taking a look at this exclusive debate on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman.

“Loose Change” writer/director Dylan Avery and researcher Jason Bermas go head to head with Popular Mechanics editor-in-chief James Meigs and executive director, David Dunbar. The later are a part of the editorial team that produced “Debunking 9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can’t Stand Up to the Facts”.

I really wish such debates would happen more often. There is a huge camp that thinks the government is purposefully hiding the truth from the American people and there is another camp which thinks it’s all tinfoil hat conspiracy gibberish. These two groups need to meet more often and pool their information. In the debate the Popular Mechanics people come out strong but I think they lose it in the end, especially in regards to WTC 7 and the hole in the Pentagon. If you’re interested in an in-depth analysis of WTC 7 watch Professor Steve Jones’ ‘USVC 9-11 Scientific and Ethical Questions’.

Today, a debate about 9/11. Ever since the attacks took place, many people across the country have raised a number of questions about what actually happened on that day in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. Websites, articles, books and documentaries have put forward a variety of alternate theories to the government’s account of what happened.

The most popular of these is a documentary called “Loose Change.” The 80-minute film first appeared on the web in April 2005. Since then, it has had at least 10 million viewings and is described by Vanity Fair as “the first Internet blockbuster.” As the popularity of “Loose Change” has soared, a book dealing with the questions it and others have raised about 9/11 has been published. It’s called “Debunking 9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can’t Stand Up to the Facts” put together by the editors of the magazine, Popular Mechanics.

Today, we talk about some of the 9/11 theories and the arguments against them.

-Amy Goodman

I will have the chance to speak with Amy Goodman personally, if you have any questions for her, please send them to me as soon as possible!

Google Video of the Debate