The British government is putting a new project into motion – a project to build a widely-accessible database on all children living in the UK.

This database will include such information as address, ethnicity, marital status of parents, whether the children get free lunch at school, and their school grades. This information will be accessible by social workers, doctors, police, government,… In other words it will be unbelievably easy for anyone to gain intimate knowledge of any children living in the UK.

Children’s Index also entails questioning of children in order to build a profile on them so that ‘potential criminals’ are watched before they become criminals. At first 12 – 15 year old children will be questioned on a series of questions including:

– Do you often feel bored?

– Do you sometimes do nothing at all except to hang out with your friends?

– Do you often get angry?

More than 4 positive answers mean that the child would be labeled as a potential criminal. This information would then be sent to the police, the council, even the school.

The story doesn’t end there. There are plans to profile prospective parents and label their unborn children as predelinquents. So at first innocent 12 year olds will be labeled, thus completely fucking up their future life and frankly, making it more probable that they will truly grow up wrong, then later no children will be safe.

This story already sounds unbelievable, yet already there are examples of similar governmental behaviour. There was a 16 year old boy in York who along with his friends sat in a park talking. Two policemen jumped over a fence to confront them and accused them of drinking alcohol. This accusation was later found to be false as no alcohol was found anywhere near the boys. The policemen took the names and addresses of the boys. One month later the 16 year old boy was informed by the council that he was added to the database of predelinquents and was therefore being watched. All authorities in touch with the boy were informed of his predelinquent status. All this based on a false accusation.

Now I may be wrong in this but isn’t the government supposed to protect our freedom, lives, and property and leave it at that? There have been too many instances of our freedoms being kicked into the dirt lately using one excuse or other.

I know of many Americans who have moved abroad because of their abusive government. The time when Europe will follow is not too far away. But will there be anywhere to run?