QVI NON INTELLIGIT, AVT TAGEAT, AVT DISCAT. He who does not understand should shut up or learn. — John Dee

No president, Academy, Court of Law, congress, or Senate on this earth has the knowledge or power to decide what will be the knowledge of tomorrow. Wilhelm Reich

This blog is a manifestation of the need of two different people, who are bonded by similar beliefs and experiences, it is a need of them to educate themselves by informing others, and seeing whether their ideas will survive the test of exposure.

I understand that many people end up on this blog looking for things that will never be here. Many people will end up on this blog not looking for things that we have to offer. Many people will ask why two intelligent men felt the need to write about things that are seemingly insignificant. In here I will offer an answer, a very personal answer, by explaining the last 8 or 9 months of my life that led me where I am now. That is – sitting in front of a computer, typing away.

At the root of my transformation was a drug experience, I was asked by a friend of mine whether I would be interested in doing MDMA with him and his friends, for the benefit of looking deeper into myself. I agreed with no expectations, fears or qualms. The experience itself was very interesting. While meditating under the influence of MDMA I found how far the rabbit hole goes, without getting to the end of it. My meditation got me farther than I ever got before and I felt connection and happiness. I also revealed some of my past to myself that I have kept hidden for years, on other things I received a new viewpoint.

(With me one of the beginnings was a drug experience. With others they were meditation, contemplation, intellect, near-death experiences, or any one of the myriad of ways in which to experience the inexplicable. It is said by many that drugs are a shortcut that could lead you astray.)

That particular experience left me with the need to research what actually happened to me and whether what happened was real and natural. I knew that the experience was positive and life-changing but I really didn’t know what to make of it.

Now I understand what was really going on and why I felt the need to answer the questions that were going through my head. Much of my later philosophy stems from this very beginning. All I wanted was to find myself, get to know myself better, and see where else I could go. This was not because I was unhappy or unsatisfied with my life – exactly the opposite – I saw the possibilities behind the horizon and wanted to get closer to them.

Finding out more about myself was as pleasant as it was painful. I awakened to finding faults in me, to finding the concept of avoidance, which was one of my rulers for the vast majority of my life. I learned how to face some of my fears, I learned how to be alone with myself and not feel the need to be with other people to be happy. I learned that judgements of other people did not make me who I was, this truth I have still not fully integrated, but I do understand it. I have found out more about myself and spent the rest of the time trying to integrate this knowledge into my personality. I have lost the certainty in beliefs, truths or reality.

No-one can realise themlseves just for their own sake. When a man frees himself, it will always have an effect on his surroundings and the area of his influence will increases along with the intensity of his effluence. The more people who deal with their problems internally and in accord with themselves and with the world, the better for their little world and for the big world. I have lived through times when individuals unobtrusively changed the clinic, firm or district, just with their essence. The more people take themselves seriously enough to give room and time to their spiritual and soul-fulfilling expansion, the more likely it is for the world to change following the microcosm=macrocosm formula. — R. Dahlke, How has the world become ill (translated from Czech)

From this period comes my vital realisation of the need for self-betterment. I still sincerely believe that the only way to make humanity, society, and our cultures work and co-exist, is to start improving the world on the individual level. It is the duty of every living individual to be as good as he can so that everyone he comes into contact will benefit. This is the only way to make people who are close to us better, the only way to bring up our children in peace and happiness, it is the only way to be happy individually and globally. Self-betterment is the only path to the betterment of everything. Lots of people whine that the world is going down the drain-hole, well, let’s do something about it. Self-betterment is a very broad concept and it entails all aspects of the individual life – active, passive, individual, and interactive.

Lots of people initially attack my views, they ask where my pressing need for self-betterment comes from – they ask whether I think that I am such a bad person that I feel the need to improve. They miss the point – I am neither good nor bad (in ethical terms) – I simply strive for improvement of everything I can touch. It makes me happy to improve and happier to see improvement in other people I have touched. I enjoy seeing the world turn into something better – on any level.

‘I have known true alchemists,’ the alchemist continued. ‘They locked themselves in their laboratories, and tried to evolve, as gold had. And they found the Philosopher’s stone, because they understood that when something evolves, everything around that thing evolves as well. Others stumbled upon the stone by accident. They already had the gift, and their souls were readier for such things than the souls of others. But they don’t count. They’re quite rare. — Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

One of the other big realisations was to do with the true purpose of religion. The purpose of religion is to be a guide to the personal experience of the Divine or God. The true purpose of meditation, yoga, and numerous other Ways and techniques, is to see, listen, feel and be God that is in you, but also everywhere else. Religions that do not offer ways to achieve this are false religions – they offer rhetoric in an arena where words don’t mean a thing, where logic and understanding become counter-productive. There are two religions in particular that are of interest to the true seeker – zen and sufism.

The world of inexplicable experiences that I entered those 9 months ago is referred to as non-ordinary states of consciousness by psychology, others yet call them mystical experiences, while others call them direct experience of God or the Divine. This may all sound very strange to atheists and sacrilegous to believers. To me the Divine or God are just words, they are descriptions of an experience, linguistic descriptions of the indescribable. As of now science has no understanding of this particular experience because the experience is immesurable, non-quantifiable and ultimately subjective. I do not seek to judge these experiences in any way, shape or form, I simply ask the reader to find out for himself the benefits that they have to offer. I do not believe in deities or gods – I believe in ideas, possibilities and personal experiences. Why believe what other people tell you when the only way to be sure is to find out on your own.

I have also come to understand the vastness of human potential. I am not an exceptional man, yet I have experienced things that the majority of the world population will never find out about, or what’s worse – other people may not give these things the importance and relevance that is due to them. Some of the things that I have learnt to do make me incredibly happy – I have learnt how to truly appreciate art, how to see beauty in nature, how to use my senses more efficiently, how to understand my emotions and feelings better than before, how to access memories I lost more than a decade ago, how to memorize things quickly, how to enter ‘the zone’ or ‘the flow’ that athletes enter. I do not know where the list stops, but I know that I won’t find the end of it before my death.

All I can say is that the mad search for answers has led me to places that everyone should visit. I learned, I changed, I experienced. The harm that came out of it was almost non-existent, I believe that I mainly misunderstood pain and suffering for harm. How could I experience what I experienced without going through pain and suffering – was there ever a worthy goal to which the way was not riddled by obstacles? There is a price on everything and the things that matter cost the most.

Because when we love, we always strive to become better than we are. — Paul Coelho, The Alchemist

We have been subordinate to our limitations until now. The time has come to cast aside these bonds and to elevate consciousness to a higher plane. It is time to become part of all things. — Ghost in the Shell