Ok! I admit this is copied from BoingBoing but it’s too cool not to repost. Some people would focus their energy on more productive things but why waste your time when you can build a steam-powered, 3 story Victorian mansion on wheels? I wish I could be at Burning Man this year.

The NeverWas Haul explores the theme of the intrepid explorer, boldly adventuring into the unknown, seeking golden cities, mysterious artifacts, fame and glory. This pre-turn of the century, steam powered, mobile Victorian house is 3 stories in height, and is decorated with the relics and artifacts collected in its journey around the globe, as well as a few more specimens collected in Black Rock City. Participants are interviewed, measured and documented in arcane and amusing scientific experiments. Traditional Irish tea is served every afternoon, and visitors may tour the Haul and be impressed by our advanced steam technology and finely polished brass scientific instruments.

It’s pretty synchronistic that their fund raiser event is Jules Verne inspired. I just found out today that I’ll be working on an annual report for a major European firm, the theme for their report is 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

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