Throughout my life I have been known as a very passive individual. Not so much in terms of not participating in outdoor activities or sports (I have actually attained mastery of several sporting disciplines, I shit you not), but rather in terms of not voicing my disagreement, distrust or anger. I always used to say that the big things can not be changed and that the best thing to do is to concentrate on improving myself and the people around me, thus creating a better niche of society, which can then grow to make the world a better place. That, in itself is commendable (if I say so myself) and anyone else taking part in a similar rationalization of their actions, will be an instant friend when I meet him face-to-face.

But recently I have started noticicing the small things behing the big things – the small weaves in the pattern that create the whole. The things that are wrong with today’s culture, society, way of life and politics have all been caused by a myriad of small things, all of them changeable. Once I understood this, I also understood that I could do something about individuals making the wrong choices or telling lies. I could now oppose them and do my little part in making the big things better. And all I needed to start was a computer.

What I propose for anyone willing to read this blog is simple. Make a promise that from today, whenever you see falsehood, evil, or even someone trying to pound your principles into the ground, tell them so. If you see an article which makes your blood boil, write an e-mail to the author informing him (politely) of the mistakes he has done. Leave comments on blogs, write e-mails to the media, make new contacts via e-mail – you know the jazz. Not only will this make you feel happy, but also you will consciously be changing the world and making it a better place. Trust me, there is nothing better than that.