Modern society is scared of many things. These days it’s primarily terrorism, poverty, loss of freedom and Americanism. I personally think that these fears are hugely over-blown and no cause for international panic. Thorough research that I carried out today proves it without doubt, I spend a whole hour on the internet, proof of my positive findings can be shown on personal request.

There is though a different cause of concern that I have come across. Squirrels. In the past two months a squirrel has demolished the interior of a house in England, another squirrel in Germany has forced a small girl to climb to the top of a tree in fear for her life, yet another squirrel in Florida bit and scratched six citizens of the sunny state. I do not know about you, but I see the connections clearly. It is said that humans are the only species without a natural predator. No more that is, for the squirrel has come.

There is only one country that I know of that has taken this issue seriously – Scotland. Scotland is seriously considering passing through a law to allow trained individuals to shoot grey squirrels for monetary reward. Right on.

And since the rest of the world is somehow behind in the battle against this new menace, I will be setting up a new blog shortly, one that will be aptly named the Squirrel Hunting Society (or SHS for short). It will be a blog meant for serious heroes of the modern era, citizens who are willing to put down their lives for the betterment of the human race. And the death of the fucking squirrels.

///The Squirrel Hunting Society has been officially formed and opened to public. Please visit the blog and join the cause. We, as a species, are under attack. We must unite and fight the oppressor./// Link to the SHS