My answer would be that magical philosophy is to seek solutions to life problems by changing the way we think about them. — Ramsey Dukes, Four Glasses of Water

The importance of information in our lives is undisputable – unlike during the Dark Ages, when books were burned – in this age we are continuosusly subjected to information in the guise of literature, the internet and the media. This creates a massive informational overload that our brains can never hope to process. That is where a very careful selection comes to play – we reject information that goes against our beliefs, we reject information that sounds false, dull, or foolish, and we are left with a smaller selection of data that validates our current beliefs. This process is neverending and subconscious, yet easily provable through experimentation.

The importance of information is undisputable because it creates our beliefs, thus forming our personalities and directly influencing our behavioural patterns. This gives validity to the search for a concept of informational gathering and consequent selectivization that goes on in our heads every minute of an hour. By subconsciously selecting what we are going to see or hear we are also minimizing the amount of belief-changing information that may find error in our current views and ways. In other words we are stopping ourselves from being more knowledgable – ie. more correct and closer to the truth. If the only way to make us come closer to the truth and become better people as a consequence is through education – ie. information gathering, then it surely is equally important to listen to the other side than the one that we currently reside on. Once we become conscious that we only listen to what we want to hear (hiding behind a subjectivized version of logic), we can change it.

There are many things that are stopping humanity from greatness – our egoes, our fears, false beliefs and misunderstandings. Eastern ways and religions follow the ascetic way to find inner peace and outer clarity, but in the modern world of an average European/American that is simply impossible. But through understanding the dual nature of this process, it is possible to follow the opposite way – to let everything come as it wants, without sieving or stopping the flow of information. In other words and using the concept explained earlier, letting our brains process as much as they can without combusting. Winning over the informational overload is not easy, but it is preferable to letting it subconsciously mold our every pore and move.