I return from my hiatus to find a nice jump in our traffic and a good number of posts by the Sheik of Blueberry Goodness. From Friday to Saturday I was accompanying my two friends through what one of them described as a ‘multi-leveled gateway towards death’. But more about CzechTek next time…

As usual I’m moving to two different places at once so what chaos I picked up at this weekend’s festival has accompanied me home. My final destination will be the ‘land of the free’, which will most likely result in many posts on the topic of how frustrated I am. You have been forewarned! While I’m on the subject of products of the USA, Comic-Con 2006 was the venue where Deepak Chopra and Grant Morrison explored the ‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes’. My enjoyment of comics originated from their relevance to a broad range of social phenomenon with an injection of acheiving what we perceive to be impossible. The Sheik explored an example of this in his previous post ‘X-men 3, Insanity, Mental Disorders and other such niceties’.

An extract from the discussion:

Myth is related to the word mother. As Chopra called it, “the womb of creation.” Myth is not just hokey stories that explain why the sun rises and falls. That’s a very simplistic view. To put it poetically, myths are where “we express our deepest longing and aspirations of collective being.” Myth is a social experience beyond genetic codes or organized religions.

“The human story is about a quest, falling down, but getting up again,” Chopra said. “Death and rebirth. It’s about redeeming yourself and then redeeming others.”

Our existence is still young in the eyes of the universe. “In many ways,” Chopra said, “we are reaching puberty. There’s a lot of curiosity, mistakes, risk-taking. But it is an exciting time.” One full of possibilities, though there are certain to be some growing pains.

I encourage you to check out the rest of the discussion via Future Hi. Or see the 1.5 hour google video!