Response to Knight’s article

Thank you, Knight, for giving me a definition of matriarchal societies, it is something that I should have read up on myself. I did not say that such cultures did not exist in the past 2 thousand years but I listed the most recent one. What I find interesting is that ALL these cultures vanished when they came in contact with modern societies – and not through a violent struggle. This only gives weight to my belief that matriarchal societies give way to our current mode of society, that it was not a mistake, or something to be sorry for, that they vanished. I prefer to look at it as a logical transformation and movement towards something even greater. From matriarchal to patriarchal, then something better (and as we both know there are people who consciously strive for this) – that is why I do not agree with Terence Mckenna’s idea of the archaic revival – what we need is not a revival – why go back when there is the way ahead and forward? Why live in the past (which is still a mystery to us anyway) when we can make a better future for ourselves?I am not as arrogant as other people to believe that our beliefs on how things looked like thousands of years ago are in any way accurate. That is why I do not spent my time building theories and looking for proof of the greatness of the past (however distant). We can do better now that we have had thousands of years of practice on how not to do things.

I believe that you also make a mistake by linking the argument of old societies being in perpetual state of war and unease with human nature. They are separate arguments and should be treated as such.

Human history has been very bloody, very unfair, and very painful. More so the more back you go, that is to my knowledge pretty much indisputable. I do not understand where people get the idea of a previous time in which people lived without fear and violence. I am sorry, but this is the first time in human history with slavery being abolished, complete class divides (into which you were born) being almost non-existent, racial and sex equality, murder being prosecuted, property rights,… – I could go on forever. Millions of evil evil things used to be an integral part of human history – for thousands of years. So what’s wrong about today’s society? Why is it not going in the right direction? It is true that there are great divides between parts of the world but we can work on that, can’t we? It’s better to have a safe part and a an unsafe part than if the whole world wasn’t safe. And we are pretty secure (the big picture), no doubt about that. If you believe that a terrorist attack is the worst that can hit you than you are safe in my book. In the medieval times every year you had a great chance of your village being pillaged, of being killed, of your wife being raped, of your son being killed,… What we have now is heavenly bliss in comparison.

And yes, the reason that people believe they are insecure is simply caused by the fact that they have so much to lose. Poor peasants had little to lose and less to fear as a consequence. A society built on materialism has very much to lose and much to fear. The other thing that you shouldn’t forget is that once we got rid off Christianity people are even more afraid to die than before – now there is only life, when before there was life after death too. Could this maybe have something to do with this new surge of interest in spiritualism and Eastern religions?

And yes, I prefer to believe in Rousseau’s and Hobbess’ view of the state of nature – I believe that the aeon of Isis looked as they picture the state of nature. How much evidence there is for this I do not know.