Robert Rankin is a rare kind of author. He has started writing in the 1970s, he first entered the bestsellers list in 1999. His novels are an interesting mix of science-fiction, fantasy, alternate history, occult references and humorous insanity. For some time he has been hoping for his books to earn a new classification (far fetched fiction) in bookstores, instead his books are usually found in the science/fantasy section, where they occupy a shelf or twenty-three, thus meeting his goal of differentiation. He has been compared to Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams, in terms of the hilarity of his fiction, I believe this to be a good comparison.

Robert Rankin’s love of the occult is highly evident in his work – Hugo Rune, who is one of his most-quoted reocurring characters is based on Aleister Crowley, occult philosophy is an integral part of most of his plots – a careful reader may find references to a wide variety of subjects. Robert rankin is most known for his reocurring jokes, phrases and characters – whether it’s the detective Lazlo Woodbine who never appears in more than 4 settings (a pub where he talks a load of old toot, an alley where he resolves sticky situations, his office where he meets clients of the fairer sex, and the rooftop where he disposes of the criminal in a manly fashion), or the afore-mentioned Huro Rune, the guru’s guru.

Much can be said about Robert Rankin, very little against. He guards his personal life very well, little is known about his past except for what he has written in his books (most of which is a load of bollocks). The only pictures available of him are those from his appearances at book signings – where he usually appears dressed as a pagan priest, Aleister Crowley or someone even more outrageous.

Robert Rankin is an author, poet and sings in a rock band. His son is a drum ‘n bass dj.