I visited a really special place this weekend. I swam in a flooded stone quarry with the clearest water I’ve seen in a long while, frolicked amongst the butterflies during the day, and amongst moths the size of small birds at night. Yes, there is nothing like dancing to shamanic beats in the middle of nowhere. When I returned home and plugged myself back into the network I was startled to hear sad jokes about an anxious appetite, the usual dung from the ‘leader’ of the free world, a peculiar ‘quick massage’ of a chancellor, and last but not least proclamations of the beginning of World War Three.

President Bush was in Germany and was unable to get off the topic of eating a pig during a press conference with the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. Some might find the first two times he brought up the feast slightly humorous but no one was laughing the third time. Check out this Daily Show clip to see how the President responds to a reporters question regarding the Beirut Bombing and Iran.

A few days later Bush is attending the G8 Summit and says ‘shit’ in a conversation with Prime Minister Tony Blair. The mass media has had a field day with the incident. Sure, it’s an indication of how much the man cares about Christian morality but that’s about it. Personally, I could care less if any president was caught cursing. The pig jokes are much more offensive, it shows how arrogant Bush is and his blatant disregard for the people’s and press’s intelligence.

Bush Cursing via Crooks&Liars

If the President Bush wasn’t enough of an embarrassment, the man manages to make an utter fool of himself by groping the Chancellor of Germany from behind at an inappropriate moment.

Bush Groping Angela Merkel via Crooks&Liars

Finally, it seems that the Neocons and talking heads of several media outlets have upgraded the current conflicts to World War Three. At least someone is paying attention and remaining clear minded and rational.

The world is a confusing place.