When one maniac can wipe out a city of twenty million with a microbe developed in his basement, a new approach to law enforcement becomes necessary. Every citizen of the world must be placed under surveillance. That means sky-cams at every intersection, computer-mediated analysis of every phone call, e-mail, and snail-mail, and a purely electronic economy in which every transaction is recorded and data-mined for suspicious activity. We are close to achieving this goal. Some would say that human liberty has been compromised, but the reality is just the opposite. As surveillance expands, people become free from danger, free to walk alone at night, free to work in a safe place, and free to buy any legal product or service without the threat of fraud. One day every man and woman will quietly earn credits, purchase items for quiet homes on quiet streets, have cook-outs with neighbors and strangers alike, and sleep with doors and windows wide open. If that isn’t the tranquil dream of every free civilization throughout history, what is? — Deus Ex

Some people say that we do not find information, but instead information finds us. It is harder to disprove this theory when one is continuously bombarded by very specific information for a long period of time, especially if he is not consciously searching for such information. That is what happened to me with matriarchal societies, the man/woman divide, and the sacred feminine. That is what’s happening to me now with real and fictional information on the running of states, real and fictional information on conspiracies and such. Monochromatic Knight has been bombarding me with such information for years but now it is even books, tv and games that throw me in this direction. The latest of those is the magnificient game Deus Ex, which I (in a very geekish manner) find myself replaying for about the 4th or 5th time. This is the first time though when the information involved in the story plot hits a deep nerve in my conscious.

Deus Ex talks of a near-distant future in which everything closely resembles the state of things today, but things are taken to their logical conclusions. And thus humanity is under an even stronger grasp of states and corporations, those two becoming increasingly inter-twined. Freedom and security is explained in the manner of the short quote I have put down at the top of this article. What strikes me as odd is how similar the view expressed in the quote is to that of many people today. Is personal freedom really going to be down-trodden even more? Surely games are only games – not tools to the enlightening education of the gamer 🙂

I understand why people stay apathetic to this reality (freedom) as much as they stay apathetic to the political reality, for I am one of these people. The reasons are numerous – little chance of change, uninformedness, and such. And so I understand those who notice but do not take action (as opposed to those who notice and try to do something about it). On the other hand it is hard for me to grasp why the vast majority of those living in the West do not take even the slightest notice. I am a skeptic, and a fool, and yet even I know some tidbits that would keep me awake at nights if I wasn’t a violent alcoholic. So why do people not notice the world in which they are living?

My personal explanation is that things have been happening for such a long period of time that it was hard to notice what was really going on. Changes happened gradually and freedom was lost in long intervals, and people were flabbergasted when they realised how far things have gone. The slippery slope indeed. Now what scares me are the conclusions that one can logically determine from such a direction. The first of those is the realisation that slippery slope theory does not believe in the reversal of direction in which a man (or society) falls – they keep on falling until they land. What scares me even more is the nature of the fall – the bigger the fall, the more an ass is going to hurt, after a certain length of time the fall is going to be so massive that the impact will be fatal.

I am not one to scare you, dear reader, I merely wish to inform you of a possibility that you may have missed. If my brain works at a high enough frequency, I may even come up with something new, informative, and interesting. So, maybe one last thought (I heard this from some dude who always had interesting things to say): to break a law is not to be immoral, it is to break a man-made construct, in whose creation the breaker had no involvement. There is only one law and that is the law that the man chooses for himself. Good night and sweet dreams.