Vanity Fair is an American magazine of culture, fashion, and politics which can be purchased in virtually all major cities worldwide. It’s known for The Man Who Knew Too Much, an exposé on the tobacco industry and a May 2005 article that revealed the identity of Deep Throat (W. Mark Felt), the source for the Washington Post articles on Watergate, which led to the 1974 resignation of U.S. President Richard Nixon. Now it seems the publication has done it again by being the first to cover Loose Change, the most popular 9/11 conspiracy movie seen by over 10 million people.

I’m pretty sure this is the first time a mainstream magazine or newspaper has done a piece on the movie. The article is fair and mentions several valuable points about the attacks. Check out the Propaganda Matrix to see the scans.

The guys behind Loose Change seem to be very honest and are currently correcting mistakes they made in the previous edition to satisfy all the debunkers online. According to the most recent post on their blog, ‘Theater distribution deals are locked and loaded, all we have to do is finish the movie’.

You can download Loose Change 2nd Edition or watch it on google.