Dear gods, deities and sacred energies, I may not believe in your existence but for fear of divine retribution (and thunder-balls sent in the direction of my alien testicles) I shall thank you for giving us such a wonderful place to move to, where we can write all the non-sensical shit that we can come up with. Does it smell nice in here or what?

Non enim est aliquid absconditum quod non manifestetur, nec factum est occultum sed ut in palam veniat. –the Bible, Mark, chapter 4:22

If you don’t speak Latin, which I somehow suspect (as I am one of you), the translation is: For there is nothing hid, which shall not be made manifest: neither was it made secret, but that it may come abroad. This, my good friends, is one of the great truths, however misleading the concept of revealed secrets may be. It was to my utter astonishment that I found this higly relevant quote in a Polish fantasy novel, I was delighted. It is another weapon to my intellectual armoury, which states that it is easy for anyone to find truth in a great work of literature, but it is the work of the true intellectual to search for truth in the most obscure places, in the worst creations of the human race. This epiphany was reached by my higly fragmented self after reading one of Robert Rankin’s books and finding numerous occult links and associations, number 23s hidden in plain text, and a characted representing the infamous Aleister Crowley. It was the second time I was reading the book, but since I wasn’t quite as well-versed in occultism previously, it came as a massive shock. Therefore I claim that there is no good or bad literature, surely there is well-written and bad-written literature (the latter being exemplified by this blog, or at least my input to it) but the subjective experience gives no place for any objective conclusions about the quality or relevance of any piece of literature. This is of course relevant to other forms of human expression.

And so the next time a friend tells you that you are wasting time with that worthless fantasy/science-fiction/horror/travel/… book, while you should be reading Nietzsche, Marx or Harry Potter, tell him that you are looking for great cosmic truths, which can only be found in popular/underground/rubbish literature. Make sure that you back this up with a logical argument, which should be as absurd and wrong as you can make it, but which shall be told with such speed so as to confuse the smartest of minds. With this ancient truth I give thee farewell.