In the outer, he is the male, the lord, the giver of life. But in the inner he taketh life at her hands as she bendeth over him, he kneeling. Therefore should he worship the Great Goddess, for without Her he hath no life, and every woman is Her priestess. In the face of every woman let him look for the features of the goddess, watching her phases through the flow and return of the tides to which his soul answereth; awaiting her call, as he needs must, aching in his barrenness.
Each woman is a priestess of the goddess. She is the potent queen of the underworld, whose kisses magnetize and give life. In the inner she is all-potent, she is the fertilizer. She causeth the male to create, for without desire, life goes not forth.
It is her call in the darkness that awakeneth: for in the inner, the male is inert. Not of his own life does he arise, but for desire of her. Until her hands touch him, he is as the dead in the kingdom of the shades; he is death-in-life.
O daughters of Isis, adore the goddess, and in her name give the call that awakens and rejoices. So shall ye be blessed of the goddess and live with fulness of life.
The wise of old beheld all created things as the luminous garment of the Creator: and in the ways of Nature they discerned the ways of God: and they adored God made manifest in Nature, saying, In Nature is God made manifest; therefore let Nature be unto me the manifestation of God.
Isis is the All-woman, and all women are Isis. Osiris is the All-man, and all males are Osiris. Isis is all that is negative, receptive, and latent. Osiris is all that is dynamic and potent. That which is latent in the outer is potent in the inner; and that which is potent in the outer is latent in the inner. Therefore is Isis both Persephone and Aphrodite; and Osiris, the giver of life, is likewise the Lord of the realms of death. This is the law of alternating polarity, which is known to the wise.
Man should not for ever be potent, but should lie latent in the arms of Persephone, surrendering himself. Then she who was dark and cold as outer space before the creative World, is made queen of the underworld, crowned by his surrender, and her kisses become potent upon his lips.
Awakened by her kisses he shall rise, the all-potent, and his desire shall call golden Aphrodite unto him. But without the kisses of Persephone, he sleepeth in Hades for ever.
And she who is priestess of Isis ruleth over the subtle, inner tides of the hearts of men as Levanah, the moon. As Persephone she draweth him down into the darkness that he may be receptive, negative; as Aphrodite she awakeneth him to light and life. She answereth with her changing phases to the needs of his secret life, and he, fulfilled of her, is made glorious in his strength. And she, so awakening, so calling, so answering, is filled with fullness of life, for she is beloved of the goddess.
— Dion Fortune: Aspects of Occultism