This friday was a big day for me, I officially finished my university studies and left the academic world (hopefully for good) with a big smile on my face. It’s no surprise that I felt a pressing need to celebrate, but considering the uniqueness of the day, it felt insufficient to just get wasted, piss on doors of people I don’t like and get imprisoned (as we had all done before). Instead me and my girl-friend went on a wild adventure around London, which ended with an unplanned visit to the Vaudeville theatre to see the Stomp show.

I strongly advise all visitors to this blog to have a look at the Stomp website – particularly the video section. This group of performers uses everything from brooms, sinks, huge metal poles and plastic bins to just their hands and feet to create wonderful rhytms, the whole show is full of quality humour, it has great pace and it’s like nothing else you have ever seen before. Check it out.