I just finished reading a wonderful book titled ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman: The Shocking inside story of how America really took over the world’ by John Perkins. I think the Sheik will enjoy this read and I highly recommend it! It definitely helped me reconsider the role World Bank, USAID, and other similar organizations play on the global scale. One of John Perkins points is that the American empire isn’t a result of a conspiracy theory as such but rather the influence of massive multinational companies which result in a ‘corporatocracy‘. However, I part of me still thinks that there are people high up that must understand the longterm impact their actions have on the world.

John Perkins started and stopped writing Confessions of an Economic Hit Man four times over 20 years. He says he was threatened and bribed in an effort to kill the project, but after 9/11 he finally decided to go through with this expose of his former professional life. Perkins, a former chief economist at Boston strategic-consulting firm Chas. T. Main, says he was an “economic hit man” for 10 years, helping U.S. intelligence agencies and multinationals cajole and blackmail foreign leaders into serving U.S. foreign policy and awarding lucrative contracts to American business. “Economic hit men (EHMs) are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars,” Perkins writes.

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John Perkins must have carried a lot of weight on his sholders over the years. He felt personally responsible for contributing to poverty on a global scale and the horrible conditions in the developing world which the firms he worked for promised to solve. I was surprised to read that even this piece of political critique had an undercurrent of shamanism. The author crosses paths and now works with the Shuar shamans of Ecuador, he has written several books on the topic, and helped found the Dream Change organization. I’m ending this post with a two page extract from Confessions of an Economic Hitman which deviates in style from the bulk of the text. This is where John Perkins gets mystical…

“Nearly every culture I know prophecies that in the late 1990s we entered a period of remarkable transition. At monasteries in the Himalayas, ceremonial sites in Indonesia, and indigenous reservations in North American, from the depths of the Amazon to the peaks of the Andes and into the ancient Mayan cities of Central America, I have heard that our is a special moment in human history, and that each of us was born at this time because we have a mission to accomplish.

The titles and words of the prophecies differ slightly. They tell variously of a New Age, the Third Millennium, the Age of Aquarius, the Beginning of the Fifth Sun, or the end of old calendars and the commencement of new ones. Despite the varying terminologies, however, they have a great deal in common, and “The Prophecy of the Condor and Eagle” is typical. It states that back in the mists of history, human societies divided and took two different paths: that of the condor representing the heart, intuitive and mystical) and that of the eagle (representing the brain, rational and material). In the 1490s, the prophecy said, the two paths would converge and the eagle would drive the condor to the verge of extinction. Then, five hundred years later, in the 1990s, a new epoch would begin, one in which the condor and eagle will have the opportunity to reunite and fly together in the same sky, along the same path. If the condor and eagle accept this opportunity, they will create a most remarkable offspring, unlike any ever seen before.

“The Prophecy of the Condor and Eagle” can be taken at many levels – the standard interpretation is that it foretells the sharing of indigenous knowledge with the technologies of science, the balancing of yin and yang, and the bridging of northern and southern cultures. However, most powerful is the message it offers about consciousness; it says that we have entered a time when we can benefit from the many diverse ways of seeing ourselves and the world and that we can use these as a springboard to higher levels of awareness. As humans beings, wee can truly wake up and evolve into a more conscious species.

The condor people of the Amazon make it seem so obvious that if we are to address questions about the nature of what it is to be human in this new millennium, and about our commitment to evaluating our intentions for the next several decades, then we need to open our eyes and see the consequences of our actions- the actions of the eagle – in places like Iraq and Ecuador. We must shake ourselves awake. We who live in the most powerful nation history has ever known must stop worrying so much about the outcome of soap operas, football games, quarterly balance sheets, and the daily Sow Jones averages, and must reevaluate who we are and where we want our children to end up. The alternative to stopping to ask ourselves the important questions is simply too dangerous.”

-‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman’ (Pages 209-210)