George Herbert Walker Bush, George Walker Bush, Prescott Sheldon Bush, John Kerry, William Howard Taft and Stephen Wright Kellogg have been members of the secret society known as Skull and Bones.

That might not be groundbreaking but a letter recently found by a Yale University historian might reveal that the secret society has stolen the skull of the American Indian leader Geronimo for their occult practices.

‘Conspiracy gibberish’ you say? Not according to CNN.

The letter, written by one member of Skull and Bones to another, purports that the skull and some of the Indian leader’s remains were spirited from his burial plot in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, to a stone tomb in New Haven that serves as the club’s headquarters.

According to Skull and Bones legend, members — including President Bush’s grandfather, Prescott Bush — dug up Geronimo’s grave when a group of Army volunteers from Yale were stationed at the fort during World War I. Geronimo died in 1909.

“The skull of the worthy Geronimo the Terrible, exhumed from its tomb at Fort Sill by your club… is now safe inside the Tomb (the windowless building on the Yale campus) together with his well worn femurs, bit & saddle horn,” according to the letter, written by Winter Mead.

But Mead was not at Fort Sill and researcher Marc Wortman, who found the letter last fall, said Monday he is skeptical the bones are actually those of the famed Indian fighter.

“What I think we could probably say is they removed some skull and bones and other materials from a grave at Fort Sill,” he said. “Historically, it may be impossible to prove it’s Geronimo’s. They believe it’s from Geronimo.”

Members swear an oath of secrecy about the group and its strange rituals, which are said to include an initiation rite in which would-be members kiss a skull.

I say practice the occult all you want but if you’re a Christian it’s probably not advisable if you believe that worshipping a false idol can land you some serious time in h-e-double hockey sticks.