This is a short list of web sites that I have come across in the past couple of weeks, all of them should be checked at least once by any serious geek.

Fishspanking International
This is the world-renowned site of the fishspanking movement. Many movers and shakers of the Western world belong to this highly secretive society, it is time that the wider public found out about its existence. Fishspankers believe in the supreme god RybaRyba and worship him by spanking each other with rather large fish. I have been lucky enough to visit a number of high-class fishpanking parties in London last year and these events, I have to say, have changed me for life. So if you have a fish fetish or just like spanking people, feel free and visit.

Grant Morrison
If you recognize the name, read no further, but if you don’t then this is your lucky day. Grant Morrison is a rather successful comic writer and a self-proclaimed chaos magician. He has been known to use the medium of comic books, so as to magically influence the events in this reality that we live in. Whether he was successful or not is yet to be found. Grant Morrison is the award-winning author of the Invisibles, Doom Patrol, New X-Men and Batman: Arkham Asylum. He also shaves his head and likes to dress in latex.

The religion that made Timothy Leary into a saint. If you don’t know who Timothy Leary is, this webpage may be a good start. Most of the stuff that can be found here is out-dated, ridiculous or nuts, but hilarious nevertheless.

Discordianism and more Discordianism
Since I already disclosed information on one religion, I believe it’s about time to introduce an even funnier one. If you want to be a proper undisputed pope in under 2 minutes rejoice and click the link.

Esoteric Archives
This might be funny for some, less so for others. Twilit Grotto is the biggest archive of Western Esoterica (just like Erotica but way cooler) on the web, it contains ridiculous amounts of information and text from some of the biggest names in the occult scene. None of the texts are any younger than about 300 years so be prepared to spend some time translating the stuff into modern English.

The Hermetic Library
More magic, this time from more recent authors. Including Aleister Crowley, Austin Osman Spare and others. Definitely worth checking out.

Well, that will be all for now. Checking out those websites shouldn’t take you too long and, you know, if you’re lucky you might click away with a smile on your face. So stop fucking frowning right now! It’s nice and sunny outside and you’re stupid enough to be on the internet, reading about what other people want you to do. So get out of the house right now you lazy knob!!! Or maybe click one of the links. Or maybe not. Or just press alt f4, try it, see what it does.