Psychotomimetic refers to psychoactive drugs which ‘mimic a psychotic state’. Today this label is used rarely, it is also my opinion that it shows a lack of real understanding about these substances. There may be similarities between a psychotic state and totally tripping balls but I wouldn’t call it a psychotic state in itself. However, interesting accomplishments arose from a similar perspective such as those of Kyo Izumi, Canadian architect from Saskatchewan.

“After his LSD insights, Mr. Izumi was able to design what has been called “the ideal mental hospital.” The first was built in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, and five others have been modeled upon it elsewhere in Canada. There is a similarly-inspired hospital in Haverford, Pa., and because commendation has been made for this outstanding architectural advancement by the Joint Information Service of the American Psychiatric Association, it is possible that the present outdated hospitals will give way to new ones resembling Izumi’s designs.”

Kyo Izumi ingested LSD in the 1960s and walked around mental hospitals. Under the influence of this substance he became more aware of design and architectural attributes of the buildings which negatively effected patients.