Check this out for a weird one:

It’s a fairly stressful time for me and my flatmate – we are both in our final year at university and we both have less than a week to finish our dissertations (10,000 word essays), none of us have started writing. That is just to illustrate the background situation.

After my flatmate’s tough day of research and reading (and a tough day of over-eating on white chocolate cake and chocolate-filled croissants for me), she decided to take a nap on the beanbag in our living room, it was around 5pm. I was surfing on the internet at the time. When I finished I went over to the sofa, which was directly across the beanbag on which my flatmate was sleeping. I thought about doing some reading myself but I felt fairly tired and decided instead to have a short nap.

Now comes the rough part, I will explain it as I was experiencing it: I was sitting at the chair at which I normally sit while using my computer, I turned around to my flatmate, said something and then I had a very strong vision of her friend who I have met before, the vision was so over-powering that I had to lie on the sofa. I closed my eyes. Then I lost the ability to move, it felt like I was in a strong trance, resembling a very powerful salvia experience in its effects on my body. I had no hallucinations, there were no feelings of ecstasy or visions, I just felt weird. Then I was turned 360 degrees on the sofa, almost as if someone else made me use my legs. That’s when I started getting scared. I tried to get myself out of the trance but instead I lost even more bodily functions – I couldn’t open my eyes, I couldn’t breathe properly and when I tried to call for help only a muffled whimper left my lips. I was getting very scared, it felt as if I was possessed but without knowing the cause of it. I fought against it with all my will and suddenly woke up on the sofa and realised that I was dreaming all along. All was not well though, there were still numerous unexlicable things:

– I still felt petrified, even though I knew it was a dream, I still feel petrified now and it’s already 10 minutes later (it’s 15 minutes later now when I am checking after myself and the fear has subsided very little)
– my flatmate woke up about a second after me, she told me that she was certain that when she was sleeping there were some people in the flat and that the tv was on – she thought that these things were real but that since it was impossible for them to have occured, they must have been a dream
– after waking up I had a headache at a very unusual place – not at any of the normal places to have a headache – it was as if it was inside my head, deeper and neared the back side of my head than my forehead; that headache suddenly vanished and was exchanged for a strange
sensation in my chest and a tired, used up feeling in the lower part of my legs
– now for the ultimate strangeness, during this whole experience I thought that my last flatmate was in the house (he went home for Easter, he hasn’t been at the flat for about 5 days); me and him have a bit of a history and there is a bit of bad blood between us. I am usually very uneasy around him, never quite myself. So, during this strange dream, I was certain that he was in the room, I felt his presence, his energy or whatever. And 15 minutes after waking up, while reading this entry, he walked in.