Okay folks, I am very sad to inform you that you have arrived at a ‘work in progress’ blog. It’s sad because you might very well be the only visitors to our blog this century and there isn’t enough eye candy to make you stay.

But nevermind, The American side of this blog has gone on vacation to Holland to see a pretty lady (and just generally have a good time) so wish him a good time and safe return!

In the meantime check out our Links section (some of those websites are worth it and, you know, they just might open your eyes a little bit more to cruel cruel surreality). In the future there will be many more exciting stories from our action-packed lives, theories on the nature of reality and the non-existence of sanity in modern society and culture (always a crowd pleaser), real stuff, fictious stuff and… well, other lies.

Just to make you a little bit interested, I’ll be visiting an informal presentation of Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way on Sunday (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourth_Way), await a report and hopefully some amusing stories.